Wider Color Gamut Precise Color Reproduction

  • Conventional projector has smaller color gamut

  • AVANZA laser projector has wider color gamut that covers Rec. 709

  • Right RGB coordinate•Precisely reproduce Rec. 709color

High contrast

Laser light source supports the instant on and off. AVANZA develops the algorithm to detect the image content in real-time. By combing the laser  instant  on/off  feature,  the f irmware could control the light output dynamically,The  contrast  ratio reach to100,000:1.

3D ready

AVANZA projectors supports various 3D format, including DLP Link, infrared and passive 3D. By using DLP link, a single 3D glasses would reproduce a nice 3D images. Infrared 3D is also possible to enhance the contrast, while passive  3D could bring a brighter 3D image.


Reproduce high resolution X-ray image not medical instrument, for education only.

OmniSmart image processor

AVANZA OmniSmart core processor has 10 bits internal processing power. It can handle 2K input signal and support various analog or digital input signals. It has powerfulde-interlacing algorithm, advanced motion compensation, colo r correction control, color brightness enhancement, contrast enhancement. It supports PIP, PNPand geometry correction.

Multiple lens

AVANZA laser projectors have multipleexchangeable high definition lens (>67LP/mm). It can support 2K projectors.Customer could take the right one fitting for various applications.

More than 20000 hours  lifetime

The   light   source   lifetime   of   GreenOmniTM      projectors   exceeds   20,000   hours. The  color  output  remains  constant  during  the  period. There  is  no  need  to replace  lamps  frequently,  no  need  to  adjust  projectors' uniformity  for  multiple

No IR/UV, Less Problem Generated

Conventional projectors

The components are under high power IR/UV, accelerated aging and failure mode

AVANZA laser projector

Energy is within the visible bandwidth, no IR/UV

Real 24x7

Conventional projectors can’t work on 24x7

Two lamps work alternatively, one on, one off

Or on – shutdown - on

AVANZA laser projector could run 24x7 at full power


AVANZA laser projectors have integrated optical design. All the optical path isinseal.This helps to eliminate the light output degradation caused by dust.

720 degree installation

Conventional projectors only allow horizontal 360 degree  rotation  for installation, and vertical rotation is limited to very small angle  (usually  ± 15 degrees). GreenOmniTM projectors

Cost of Replacing Lamp

Quote from 3rd party:

7,000 lumens projector, working for 20,000 hours, the cost of replacing lamp (no labor) is USD32,000

Smart Control

AVANZA laser projectors have embedded smart control system. It could automatically control the internal temperatures and noise level. This helps to extend the projector lifetime, improve the reliability and reduce the  noise.

VisuCloud AlwaysLink LinkOmni BYOD

AVANZA laser projectors  supportvarious   wireless connections.The CLOUD content could be projected through the wireless.  BYOD( bring  your  owndevice) is   also supported by AVANZA

Brightness Visual Difference

Same brightness specification, different visual impression