Company Profiles

AVANZA –  the High Brightness Laser Projectors, is a newly established global High Tech company. Our mission is to create exceptional products and innovative solutions, providing endusers/viewers with an incomparable visual experience. We have a top international team and key global partners, and we operate within a global market.

Four years ago, the launch of AVANZA GreenOmniTM laser projectors announced the arrival of a new era of high brightness projectors, and became the benchmark in the projection industry. Our first projectors have been working for more than  20,000 hours.

Beyond imagination: incomparable visual  experience

AVANZA invented  the world’s  first  4th  generation  laser  display technology  “AVANZA SpeckleFree®  , with the following main characteristics:

●     High brightness

●     Elimination of color shift

●     Speckle-free

Up until now, AVANZA owns more than 50 patents, in key areas of laser projection including advanced optical design,high efficiency cooling technology, smart functions, and  cloud  compatibility.   With  AVANZA  Speckle   Free®,   we have  redefined high

brightness projectors and opened the door to new applications of projection technology.

Global approach

AVANZA is a true global enterprise from its inception. With strong presence in China and an optimized worldwide supply chain, AVANZA offers both quality and cost- effectiveness. The key components are supplied by US and Japanese companies, with remaining parts sourced from China. All our products are designated with FDA/TUV/IEC/ETL certification.Furthermore, AVANZA has the  Laser Safety certification in the industry:FDA Class II and IEC Class 1, equivalent to a Blue-ray DVD or scanner.

Leader of tomorrow

With its cutting-edge products and hundreds of applications over the world (i.e., installations for exhibitions,conferences, theme parks, events, control rooms, simulations, data visualizations, E-cinema, digital signage, etc.), AVANZA has undoubtedly become the leader in High Brightness Laser Projection. Constantly incorporating technological innovation and user insight, AVANZA strives to imagine and create novel visualization solutions for the next five to ten years, with its goal in the projection industry.